"Taking a city as a lab - or a district as a lab approach gives us the ability to leverage existing and emerging technologies to make our cities better places to live. No longer shall technology outpace policy. No longer shall innovation outpace implementation. We can work with residents and businesses to solve real-world problems improving the collective quality of life and supporting talent and innovation funnels at home." -Zack Huhn, Director, Regional Smart Cities Initiatives

Join local and regional leaders at the second Digital Districts round-table for a lunch and learn style event on Tuesday, May 2nd ahead of the Smart Cities NYC Expo. Topics will include Digital Districts' plan to cohesively roll out smart planning strategies to improve outcomes for residents and businesses neighborhood to neighborhood, district to district, and region to region. The event will be hosted by Jamaica Center, Venture Smarter, and several public and private organizations committed to using technology as a tool to improve outcomes for people.

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